Better cybersecurity in your business.
Made simple.

The big picture

Cyber AMI helps non-technical individuals manage the cybersecurity practices in their business.


Issues are arising as result of business dependence on technology and data.


A mix of financial, reputational and legal problems can be the result.


Many want to reduce their exposure to such risks and their repercussions.


Most businesses lack expertise to identify and manage issues in-house.


UK Gov. designed the Cyber Essentials specification to tackle common threats.


Often unwelcome, cyber consultancy now costs around £1,000 +VAT per day.


Through our unique process Cyber Essentials is now accessible in plain English.


Cyber AMI provides you with modular self-assessment and education.

Improve your business's cybersecurity practices

Web-based self-assessment and education. Achieve and maintain compliance with the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme, without the expense of a consultant.

...helped us obtain our Cyber Essentials certificate, and win a major tender.
Paul Casement, Director of Sales & Account Management, Clarity Travel Management