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Information for using a Cyber AMI Voucher Code.

What is a Voucher Code? How do I use a Voucher Code? Where do I get a Voucher Code? Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Voucher Code?

When redeemed in our software, a Voucher Code will provide you with, or extend, a subscription to Cyber AMI.


A Voucher Code is a unique 32 character string. It can be thought of as similar to a Software Licence Key.


The Voucher Code may be provided to you digitally (e.g. by email) or physically (e.g. on a plastic card or in a printed document).


The Voucher Code is entered in to Cyber AMI to redeem a (typically 12-month) subscription to the Cyber Essentials subject for a defined length of time.

Single use

Each Voucher Code is ‘single use’. That is, it cannot be used more than once, so please don’t share it.

How do I use a Voucher Code?

We've made it as easy as possible.

Any time

You can add a Voucher Code to your account during registration, or to an existing account via the Settings page.

Daisy chain

You can add more than one Voucher Code to your account. This can be done via the Settings page when logged in.

Where do I get a Voucher Code?

A subscription to Cyber AMI might be closer than you think.

Your insurance policy

A Voucher Code may be included with a commercial insurance product you have purchased. Please review your insurance documents or ask your insurance broker for information.

Your professional advisers

A Voucher Code may be available to you through a professional adviser, such as your accountant, trade association or insurance broker.

Let's get started

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…we highly value our access to Cyber AMI as a benefit of our insurance policy.
Nicki Smith, Systems Manager, PE Composites

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case.

My Voucher Code isn't working.

Contact our support team at support@cyber-ami.com

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Contact our support team at support@cyber-ami.com

Can I provide Voucher Codes to my clients?

Learn more on Berea's website: https://www.berea-group.com