Concerned about cyber threats?

Cyber incidents are increasing. You can prevent 80% of common attacks by using the Cyber Essentials scheme.

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Our dependence on technology makes us vulnerable.


Problems are arising as a result of business dependence on technology and data.


Financial costs, reputation damage and legal issues may arise from each incident.


Many businesses want to reduce their exposure to the risks and their repercussions.


Most businesses lack the expertise to identify and manage these issues in-house.

The solution

Cyber AMI helps non-technical individuals implement and manage cybersecurity practices in their business.


HM Government created Cyber Essentials to reduce common threats.


Often unwelcome, cybersecurity consultancy can cost >£1,000+VAT per day.


We've made Cyber Essentials accessible for the layman in plain-English.


Cyber AMI provides you with modular self-assessment and education.

The problems

Why is this now an issue?

Pace of change

Technologies and services are getting ever cheaper and easier to use. We're buying more of them to stay competitive.

Bigger attack surface

Acquisition and use of these new tools are creating weak-points that need securing, but this activity is often overlooked.

Few precautions

Most businesses have not previously considered security in their growing layers of new and old technology.

The outcome of an incident

An increasing 'attack surface' (i.e., more technology in your business) and increasing number of threats means that you could suffer multiple incidents in a day. The outcome will typically include:

Financial loss

Whether direct loss of monies or an increased cost in working; incident response alone often cost £tens-of-thousands.

Legal fallout

Customer contract disputes, class-actions or the involvement of a regulator may necessitate legal intervention.

Reputation damage

Bad news travels fast. Would you trust a supplier that lost your own data, or that performed poorly due to a cyber incident?

Real-world examples

Small-to-medium sized businesses are falling victim to cyber attacks every day.


Malware spread across the logistic provider's computer network leading to four weeks of significant service disruption.

Marine Surveyor

The MD's email account was accessed due to password reuse. This access was used to authorise a bank transfer.

Insurance Broker

The MD received an extortion email stating their systems were compromised with malware, costing £thousands to rectify.

Your first step to better security

Following the requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme will prevent 80% of common cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials is designed by HM Government. It defines the security practices to prevent many common threats.

Besides cheaper cyber insurance premiums, Cyber Essentials is recognised as supportive in complying with the GDPR.

Cyber Essentials is a provable benefit. The annually-renewed certification* is evidence to others of adherence to best practice.

Supercharged DIY

Cyber AMI simplifies all aspects of Cyber Essentials.


Designed and written for the layman; no technical expertise is required of you.

Assessment driven

You will be given a logical series of questions based on your business.

Guidance built-in

Information for understanding and attending to each task is provided when needed.

Your own pace

Progress at your own pace in implementing the necessary policy and technical controls.

Regularly updated

We regularly update our content; you're always working from the latest best practice.


If you want to obtain your official certificate*, Cyber AMI will make the process a breeze.

…after 40 years experience in IT, I thought we'd covered all the bases. However, this has opened my eyes to risks not fully considered…
Ray Gomm, IT Manager, Luker Rowe Insurance Brokers

Cyber AMI is free of charge

Only pay for your official certificate*, if it's desired or required.

Cyber AMI was first launched in 2014.We support hundreds of UK businesses.Nothing to download, get started in minutes.
*Applications are reviewed, and certificates awarded, by ID Cyber Solutions Ltd.

Improve the cybersecurity practices in your business

Cyber AMI provides web-based self-assessment and education. Achieve and maintain compliance with the Cyber Essentials scheme without the expense of a consultant.