Web-based self-assessment and education to improve the policy and processes governing your cybersecurity activity.

The problems we're facing Assess and understand Web-based business app Pain-free certification

The problem with improving your cybersecurity

Jargon, delay and expense.

We can't outsource our responsibility for sound business governance. Frameworks are available to support this goal.

Many businesses do not have technical expertise to interpret jargon. This can lead to confusion and frustration.

Specialist advice is often required to implement better practices. Such help is often marketed at larger organisations.

Cybersecurity consultancy now costs around £1,000 +VAT per day. This can be unaffordable or unwelcome for many businesses.

With the right guidance and checklists, building and verifying effective policy and process needn't be a hardship.

Through a unique process, we have designed a plain English journey for the layman to verify their working practices in-house.

Assess and understand

Test, strengthen and validate the policy and process that directs your business's cybersecurity activity.

  • Outsourcing responsibility for governance isn't an option.
  • Our unique process presents your journey in plain English.
  • Benefit from modular self-assessment and education.
  • Progress to better working practices at your own pace.
  • Benchmark your business against Cyber Essentials.
Cyber AMI interface - web-based information security education and self-assessment

Web-based business app

Designed for non-technical individuals, no training is needed to use and benefit from Cyber AMI.

  • Nothing to download, install or configure.
  • Tracks your progress for Management Information.
  • Prepares and manages your Cyber Essentials certification.
  • Remembers your responses to simplify certificate renewal.
  • Regularly updated, and updates automatically.
Cyber AMI interface - web-based Cyber Essentials business process

Pain-free certification

Cyber Essentials requires annual certification. To help you, Cyber AMI:

  • Prepares your application form each year.
  • Manages the certification process for you.
  • Entitles you to fast-track certification*.
  • Acts as your representative if needed.
  • Remembers your responses for easy renewal in future years.
  • Supports you through the complete process, every time.

*Typically within 48 hours of submission.

Becoming standard compliant within Cyber AMI.

Improve your business's cybersecurity practices

Web-based self-assessment and education. Achieve and maintain compliance with the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme, without the expense of a consultant.

...after 40 years experience in IT, I thought we'd covered all the bases. However this has opened my eyes to risks not fully considered...
Ray Gomm, IT Manager, Luker Rowe Insurance Brokers