Equipping businesses with knowledge and tools to secure against evolving cyber security threats.

Web based education Security auditing Standard compliance Policy management

Web based education

Access to the information you need. Anywhere, any time.

  • Roadmap to better security.
  • Progress at your own pace.
  • Keep up with cyber threats.
  • No jargon, easy read education.
A computer screen showing Cyber AMI's Learning Centre

Security auditing

Builds an audit trail to give a clear understanding of your risk exposure.

  • Clarifies the risk to your business.
  • Identifies internal and external considerations.
  • Easy to digest results.
  • Printable staff assessments.
Creating audit trails within Cyber AMI.
...pivotal in winning a major, multi million pound contract. Cyber AMI has become a trusted component of our operations.
Paul Casement, Director of Sales & Account Management. Clarity Travel Management

Standard compliance

Achieve and expand upon the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme.

  • Get your Cyber Essentials certificate.
  • Increase client confidence.
  • Open up new business opportunities.
  • Reuse data to work towards other standards.
Becoming standard compliant within Cyber AMI.

Policy management

Strengthen existing HR policies or gain access to policy templates.

  • Improve compliance through cyber related HR policies.
  • Includes policies such as BYOD and social media.
  • Upload and manage your policies in one location.
  • ISO 27001:2013 compliant policy templates available.
Managing your existing and purchased policies within Cyber AMI.

Secure architecture

Built by a team who understand and use the latest cyber security technologies.

  • A+ rated security.
  • Investment in security technology.
  • Industry approved architecture.
  • Cyber Essentials certified.
Building secure systems.