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Cyber Essentials is an annually renewed certification.

Needs appropriate business governance and policy.

Requires properly configured technical controls.

Requires the correct completion of an application form.

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Your options

Without technical or compliance expertise Cyber Essentials can be tough going. Your options are:

Go it alone

You can try and interpret the requirements of the scheme and application form yourself.


Consultants will typically charge you over £1,500+VAT to advise on the requirements.

Supercharged DIY

With the right knowledge and process you can undertake Cyber Essentials with little fuss.

How much does it cost?

There are three cost areas to consider:


The cost in time or money to understand the requirements against your business.


This might include buying anti-virus software if it's not already in place or if it's outdated.


There is a certification fee of £300+VAT, payable to a Certification Body*.

Worth knowing

Cyber Essentials creates a new administrative overhead.

Annual effort

The scheme's requirements might change mid-year, creating effort to understand changes.

Annual renewal

You have to recomplete the application form every 12-months; a pain when requirements change.

Annual expense

Getting a handle on the process early-on should reduce overall costs for long-term compliance.

Supercharged DIY

Cyber AMI simplifies all aspects of Cyber Essentials.


Designed and written for the layman; no technical expertise is required of you.

Assessment driven

You will be given a logical series of questions based on your business.

Rapid certification

Once you are ready to proceed your certificate* is usually issued the same working day.

Guidance built-in

Information for understanding and attending to each task is provided when needed.

Regularly updated

We regularly update our content; you're always working from the latest specification.

Easy renewal

Cyber AMI remembers your answers to make the annual certificate* renewal a breeze.

…Cyber AMI has made the compliance and certification process a walk in the park
Carl Musson, Finance Director, S & J European Haulage

Cyber AMI is free of charge

Only pay for your official certificate*, if it's desired or required.

Cyber AMI was first launched in 2014.We support hundreds of UK businesses.Nothing to download, get started in minutes.
*Applications are reviewed, and certificates awarded, by ID Cyber Solutions Ltd.

Improve the cybersecurity practices in your business

Cyber AMI provides web-based self-assessment and education. Achieve and maintain compliance with the Cyber Essentials scheme without the expense of a consultant.