Self-assessment and education

Our unique process produces bite-sized modules that will help you test and understand your policy and procedures.

Simplifying key cyber topics Unique process for the layman Self-assessment and education Cyber Essentials benchmark

Simplifying key cybersecurity topics

Cyber AMI will help you manage important risk management controls that will reduce your business's vulnerability to cyber-attacks. This includes:

Securing your Internet connection Securing your devices and software Controlling access to your data and services Protecting from viruses and other malware Keeping your devices and software up to date Evidencing your security activities

These topics are defined by the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme as important to reduce common business threats.

Informed at every step

Our unique process takes the hassle out of improving policy and process that govern your risk management activity.

Intuitive plain English

Topics are broken apart in to easy, incremental questions, and reinforced with expert advice on the task at hand.

Expert process

You will build, verify, and strengthen your policies and processes in a logical and considered manner.

Your own pace

Our unique, modular content helps you progress at your own pace through defined bite-sized tasks.

Right place, right time

You'll be given expert knowledge in each task to understand what is being accomplished, and why.

Better together

Expert knowledge dovetailed with logical self-assessment, designed specifically for non-technical individuals.

A laptop screen showing Cyber AMI's auditing page

Self assessment

  • Refreshingly plain English for non-technical individuals.
  • Logical checklists to test business policies and processes.
  • No policy? No problem. You'll build as you progress.
  • Verify your working practices against Cyber Essentials.
  • Responses 'build up' to create evidence for certification.
A tablet device showing policy advice.


  • Problems are easier to tackle when they're understood.
  • Relevant knowledge to understand the tasks at hand.
  • Obtain clearer insights for better decision making.
  • Improve competence with Information Security topics.
  • Give you expert support, without the cost.
Roadmap to improving cybersecurity No experience needed Education to understand risks Identify and fix your blind spots Gain access to HR policy templates Save £££ over using a consultant

The Cyber Essentials scheme

Most cyber-attacks exploit basic vulnerabilities in IT systems and software. Cyber Essentials is designed to stop this.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a cyber risk management specification for businesses, created by UK Government.

UK Government state that compliance with Cyber Essentials can reduce your risk of threats from the Internet by 70-80%.

As such, Cyber Essentials is widely considered the minimum benchmark for cybersecurity in a business.

Your business can obtain an official Cyber Essentials certificate* to demonstrate activity and compliance.

Supportive in working towards the Information Security requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A Cyber Essentials certificate is required to tender for a growing number of public and private sector contracts.

*Certificate is renewed annually. Cyber AMI will prepare your application form for you.

Improve your business's cybersecurity practices

Web-based self-assessment and education. Achieve and maintain compliance with the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme, without the expense of a consultant.

We recognise that Cyber AMI properly prepares a business for Cyber Essentials certification.
Cary Hendricks, Global Operations Director, ID Cyber Solutions